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Sell Your Junk Cars for Cash, Maryland, USA

 Getting rid of your old clunker sitting in your garage or driveway might seem like it could be more worthwhile. Moving your junked car on your own without any knowledge or guarantee for compensation is a common deterrent for anyone with an old vehicle that no longer runs. These vehicles are often left accumulating dust in their neighborhood.

With Mr. Junk Cars’ vehicle towing and purchasing service, we will buy your junk cars for cash in Maryland and surrounding areas, take care of all the hassle and remove it from your driveway with our tow away service.


Advantages of Junking Cars for Money


Aside from the monetary gain, selling your scrap car helps the environment. Old, rusty, and otherwise unmoving and unserviceable vehicles accumulate biowaste. By allowing a car junker to tow your car, you are reducing the amount of non-degradable and toxic waste that old cars can leave behind. The fluids in your vehicle, like antifreeze and liquids inside your battery, must be disposed of properly. Why not earn some cash while you’re at it?


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Junk Cars for Cash, Maryland Areas


We would love to service the entire state of Maryland, but as a junk car pick-up and buyer located in Capitol Heights, we service surrounding counties. You can find us in: 

  • Montgomery County, Maryland
  • Howard County, Maryland
  • Prince George County, Maryland

You can read more about our cash for junk cars services here. We also service Washington D.C. and Fairfax County, VA.

What We Do

If you’re planning to sell scrap cars, Mr. Junk Cars will pay top dollar for cars in different conditions. From the rustiest vehicles destined to be crushed in a scrapyard to used and working vehicles, you’re looking to sell. We will find a use for it all. 

We also offer a free towing service and car removal. Furthermore, we will collect your car in person, so you won’t have to worry about delivering it to our offices. Mr. Junk Cars will be happy to do the heavy lifting for you. We pay cash on the spot! Send us a picture of your clunker, and we will quote you on-site to prepare for your junk car removal.

Why Choose Us?

Mr. Junk Cars is a professional junk car buying and towing company servicing the Maryland community for more than 12 years. We thrive on honesty, fair prices, and exceptional customer service. At our company, we care about our community and make this procedure as easy and quick as possible. 

Looking To Sell Junk Cars for Cash in Maryland?

We are the best junk car buyer in the Maryland area. Call one of our car specialists today at (301) 900-6062 and request an estimate or an appointment. You can also email us at mrjunkcarsbuyers@gmail.com or contact us through our website

Earn some cash for clunkers. We look forward to hearing from you!