Finding a buyer for an automobile that has been damaged can be challenging. A destroyed car on your driveway is usually something you want to get rid of as quickly as possible, ideally for money. There are a lot of junkyards that will buy your wrecked vehicle, but not all of them offer fair rates and excellent customer care. If you’re looking for advice on how to sell a damaged car to a junkyard, here are some tried-and-true strategies to help you find the perfect buyer.

You’ll Need A Copy Of The Title

Before selling an automobile to any buyer, Titles are required—even a junkyard. By contacting your state’s DMV or BMV, you can get a replacement title mailed to you if you lose or misplace your original. Although the specific methodology varies widely by state, you can anticipate providing identification and paying a small fee to fulfill this request.


The car will not need a safety inspection, emissions inspection, or any other state-mandated process for private sales because it is no longer registered for road usage. A clear title indicating that you are the vehicle’s legal owner should be enough to complete the transaction.

Shop Around

Don’t restrict your search for a junkyard to just one or two locations if you want to sell your automobile. Be aware of the reviews on Google and other search engines while searching for junkyards online. For each business, one or two negative evaluations are unavoidable. However, if their negative ratings exceed their positive evaluations, this is a reason for concern.


Make a list of 4 – 6 possible locations and call them. Tell them you wish to sell your car and provide them with any pertinent information. Junkyards will typically want to know your car’s make, model, and year, as well as any damage it has sustained. If they are interested, they will make you an offer based on the answers to these questions.

Compare Prices

Get a few offers from different buyers before determining where to sell your automobile. See which deal is best, then phone the junkyard and tell them you’re ready to finish the transaction. After both sides agree, the junkyard will set a day and time for the pick-up.

Remove Personal Belongings From the Car

With all the hassle of selling a car, it’s easy to forget and leave behind some items. Make sure you double-check there are no personal belongings inside your vehicle. It’s extremely unlikely you’ll get that stuff back.


Keep in mind that if the vehicle is still functional, they will expect you to drive it to deliver. This is a reasonable request and a common practice, so don’t be discouraged. Junkyards will haul your automobile only if it is no longer safe or legal to drive.

Finish The Sale

In most cases, your car will have to be examined when it gets to the junkyard. When a junkyard is hauling it away, they’ll usually inspect the vehicle before starting the tow. With no last-minute hiccups in hand, you can sign off on a deal at a junkyard and get your money. The junkyard will then get the title from the vendor.


If you want to sell a damaged car, Mr. Junk Cars is the junkyard to call in the DMV area. We come to pick up and pay cash for your vehicle, whether it’s running or not.