How to Get Cash for Junk Cars – FAQ

Cash for Junk Cars – Our Frequently Asked Questions

Wondering how to get cash for junk cars? 


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What type of vehicles do you purchase?

We buy any make and model vehicle. It doesn’t matter what year you purchased your vehicle or who manufactured it, we will give you cash for your junk cars and take them off your hands. We’ll pick up sedans, trucks, SUVs, vans, etc. in any condition!

How do you determine how much my car is worth?

Your car’s worth is determined by the condition, the number of parts that can be salvaged, title status, model and other factors that can affect the value of the parts we are looking to scrap inside your vehicle.

How can I get cash for my junk car?

To get cash for your junk car, give us a call. Tell us about your vehicle and we’ll get you a quote as soon as possible. When we arrive on site to tow your vehicle, we will hand you the money. You can also fill out our contact form.

Do I need to prove that I own the vehicle before you purchase it?

Yes, proof of ownership is necessary to make sure you are selling your vehicle and not someone else’s. Before offering your vehicle for sale, make sure you can prove you are the owner.

Can I junk my car without a title?

Yes. As long as you provide proof of ownership we can take your car without one! A car title will be necessary if you do not have proof of ownership at the ready.

How much money do you offer for junk cars?

It depends on the size of the vehicle and the condition. We typically offer US$300 or more, but it depends on how much of your vehicle we can salvage.

Will the price of my vehicle increase if it has new parts?

Typically if your vehicle has new parts like tires, batteries, transmissions, etc. the price of your car will increase. Automobiles with new parts are worth more because they can be reutilized and resold to other buyers looking for usable car parts.

How will I get paid?

We pay in cash right to your door!

Where do you pick up junk cars?

Mr. Junk Cars picks up any make and model vehicle right to your location. When you send us your address, we’ll send one of our tow trucks with one of our staff members to deliver your money in person. We serve the major DMV areas! 

How fast can you pick up my car?

It depends on where you live! We typically have same-day pickups once you’ve agreed on a quote for your junk vehicle.

Do I need to pay for towing?

No. Our towing services are free when you sell us your car.

What happens to my junk car after purchase?

Mr. Junk Cars sells car scraps to other dealers and junkyards in the area. Depending on your vehicle’s condition, it will most likely be dismantled and prepared to be scrapped for parts.

Do you speak Spanish?

Yes. We speak English and Spanish. If you are more comfortable speaking in Spanish, let us know!

What are your hours?

We work seven days a week, Monday through Sunday, from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

Where can I find you?

Our offices are located at 4500 S St, Capitol Heights, Maryland.

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